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About Us

Under the Vision of COMMANDER ANKIT KHARBANDA with more then 8 years of Experience as a Airline Captain and logged 4,500 hours on B737. We at the Pilot's Academy aspire to train individuals who are looking forward to soaring higher in the skies and glide amidst the dark clouds of difficulties with the help of trained and experienced faculties. At the Pilot's Academy, we aim to provide our students with overall guidance and training with world-class facilities and opportunities. Apart from hands-on training, we aim to instill confidence and a sense of responsibility in our students as being a Pilot is not only about flying an airplane, it is equally important to have a sense of responsibility and leadership as thousands of lives depend on a Pilot. With the commencement of the course, students are trained to be Team Leaders, Decision Makers and at the same time, efficient Workload Managers as these are the core foundation skills of being a skillful Pilot. We are affiliated with one of the prestigious flying institutes in the world and undergo all the training procedures with the highest safety standards. We provide best-in-class coaching for all DGCA Ground Subjects and Cadet pilot programs. One of the basic objectives of the Pilot's Academy is to help students from non-aviation backgrounds with proper counseling and guidance which will save both their time and money.

At the Pilot's Academy, we don't believe in dreaming, we believe in living your dreams, and hence with experts and leading captains and pilots on board, we promise to make our students live their dreams of flying high in the wide blue sky.